New Pillar Marketing is built on the belief that small businesses and organizations can leverage new technologies in order to grow and to better serve their customers, their employees, and their communities.

My goal is to step into that journey with my clients and become their guide and trusted partner. The number of powerful new tools available is growing at an ever increasing rate, and it’s nearly impossible for a professional in the field to keep up, much less a business owner or manager who has dozens of other concerns.

I want to try to bridge the gap between these owners and managers and the tools that are the best fit for them. It’s never about technology for technologies sake either. It’s about using technology as a tool that can help engage your target market in new and exciting ways.

Over the past 10 year, I’ve worked with numerous companies, helping them to optimize their marketing strategy and their presence on the web, with a focus on tangible results.

Chris Kanski

Chris Kanski


I love helping my clients solve problems. In this increasingly complex commercial landscape, it’s often difficult to know what your next step as an organization. I love the challenge of helping to plot a course to growth and security for all types of organizations.


These are the primary tools that I use to help organizations accomplish their marketing and optimization goals.


Websites that draw visitors in, educate and delight them, and turn them into customers

Search Engine Optimization

Find the right keywords for your organization and draw traffic to your site


Develop a brand image that resonates with you target market


Present your products online in a way that makes site visitors want to buy

Social Media

Use social media to develop and grow relationships with your target audience

Marketing Strategy

Look at your market, identifying new opportunities and refining current tactics