We believe that businesses deserve better marketing.

Local businesses — small and medium-sized organizations across various industries — are the key to healthy, prosperous communities. We don’t have anything fundamentally against big business. The idea that a business can grow as big as its grit and ambitions will take it is a fundamental part of our culture as Americans. But we do believe that many of these giant corporations have lost their way, and will do just about anything in the relentless search for profit. So, we think that local businesses across the country are they key to lifting up their communities and restoring faith in American capitalism.

We leverage our expertise and the power of connection and technology to help these businesses thrive. In so many ways, new technologies have leveled the playing field, and allowed small and medium-sized businesses to compete on a level that they couldn’t in the past. Today, social media and a host of other tools, allow for greater efficiency and greater connection. The problem is, that it’s not easy to leverage these tools well. It takes an understanding of business and marketing strategy, as well as the tools themselves, to be able to use them to their full potential.

We offer this to the clients we serve–Digital strategies that make business sense and produce results.

We care about getting real-world results.

We know that there’s no point in investing in marketing strategies or new websites unless they produce results, meaning more customers, better customers, and ultimately more revenue and profit.

We keep this in mind for every one of our clients. We won’t plug your business into some mindless, out-of-the-box program. We won’t cash your check and disappear either. We’re in it with you for the long haul.

We listen, strategize, execute, measure, adjust, and communicate, until we’re driving the results that you want.

I am a problem solver, a connector, and an optimist.

I believe that businesses can come together to better serve their customers and their communities, and I love sitting down with business owners to talk about their organization and its challenges. By asking the right questions and really listening to the answers, I develop and execute plans that can help them achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose.

I’ve been working in the web and marketing space for 10+ years, and have worked with businesses of various sizes across a variety of industries.

I’m also a husband, the father of two very energetic little boys, and a follower of Jesus.

Chris Kanski

Founder and President


…proactively communicative, goes above and beyond to answer questions and provide a seamless experience, and has always treated my business and my clients with patience, honesty, and respect. I highly recommend New Pillar Marketing for projects on any scale.

Emily Hitchcock, CEO, Columbus Publishing Lab

“Creative, smart, responsive, knowledgeable”

Jennifer Lyle, Co-Founder, Jim Burson's Solution-Based Basketball®

“I loved the design for our new website! It has helped us form new business relationships and expand our reach.”

Lora Kunkle, President, The Amish Furniture Company

New Pillar Marketing was able to update our site without losing its vintage appeal and distinct personality!

Pete Aksenczuk, Owner, Champaign Coal and Stove

New Pillar Marketing has helped me get my business off the ground and jump-start my sales!

Keith Hamilton, Owner, Concord Inspection

We want to get to know you.

Every business is unique, so we think every web and marketing strategy should be unique. We take the time to listen and build a plan around your needs.

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We want to get to know you.

Every business is unique, so we think every web and marketing strategy should be unique. We take the time to listen and build a plan around your needs.

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